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Music Lessons For All Ages

Ben has been teaching music since 1988. He offers classical music lessons for violin and viola, and also instructs students in Olde Tyme, bluegrass, jazz, rock and other styles of fiddling. Ben also gives lessons on acoustic guitar, focusing on reading music and tablature along with picking, fingerpicking, chord building and songwriting skills.

All levels of experience and ages of students are welcome in his studio. Lessons are held in his studio or your home. Ben’s younger students perform music they have been working on twice a year in a casual recital format. Ben also schedules a performance event once a year for his adult students. Attendance and participation are strictly voluntary, but it is typically a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Ben’s younger beginning students are instructed in both the Suzuki and O’Connor methods. His adult beginners learn from a method called Strictly Strings. Intermediate and advanced students work on music they choose which can include violin and viola concertos, technique building etudes and caprices, the Bach Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin, the Bach Cello Suites transcribed for viola, famous rock, pop and jazz songs, or a large range of fiddle tunes.

If you are interested in learning violin or viola, Ben can make recommendations on where to rent instruments and purchase materials that will be needed for the music lessons. You can contact him through this website. Startup costs are nominal.

Ben’s rates are $50 for a 45 minute lesson and $60 for an hour long lesson. When traveling to a student’s home, generally within San Francisco, Ben requires an additional $10 travel fee. Prices may be subject to change. Guitar lesson fees are based on a sliding scale.

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