Deadweight was an alternative rock trio from San Francisco, California. Members included Ben Barnes (electric violin and vocals), Sam Bass (electric cello) and Paulo Baldi (drums). Deadweight began as a duo of Barnes and Bass who were graduates of San Francisco Conservatory of Music later joined by Baldi.

Their first demo (1994) was produced by Jason Newsted of Metallica. Deadweight has toured both nationally and internationally and has opened for Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. Deadweight’s third album, Stroking The Moon (2003), was released on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label. Playing the violin and cello through a variety of guitar effects, their studio recorded material is surprisingly hard rock. Live performances display an eclecticism that has conjured a variety of descriptions by critics. Examples include, “(howling) like something out of Beethoven’s most twisted hallucinations,” “Eastern European Gypsy songs sung in the back of a big rig driven across tornado country by the ghost of the Marlboro Man” and “Charlie Daniels in hell playing a combination of Bartok and Zeppelin.” Barnes has stated both Jimmy Page and Charlie Daniels are influences for their sound. Deadweight were winners of the SF Weekly’s 1998 Wammy award for the category of “Beyond.

Stroking The Moon Album Cover

Stroking The Moon


01 Re-Runs
02 The Bottle Song
03 Capacity
04 Stare At The Sun
05 Anesthesia
06 Deja Vu
07 Stroking The Moon
08 Feed The Ground
09 Heaven’s For Few
10 Go To Hell

Half-Wit Anthems

Deadweight 2003

01 Half-Wit_Anthems
02 Ba-Ba-Wa-Wa
03 Barstool
04 Black-And-Grey
05 Daddy
06 Ignorance
07 Josh-Song
08 Misfortune
09 Straight
10 Sweet-Depression
11 The-Grind
12 Travel-By
13 White-Noise

Deadweight Half-Wit Anthems



01 Daddy
02 Dream Within a Dream
03 Get Me Some
04 Queen Bee
05 Raga-Dama