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Swindlefish is an acoustic rock band whose fiddle player, Ben Barnes, brings a Bluegrass edge to his original music. Lizie Skow brings melody to the high hitter backwoods mix. Swindlefish plays tribute sets inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and the Beatles. The tribute bands  — Swindrix, SwindleZep, Bowiefish, and Beatlesfish — are billed as other acts when playing separate engagements.

Ben Barnes' Swindlefish — Unlucky


Ben Barnes’ Swindlefish 2014

01 Misfortune
02 When the Bottle’s Almost Empty
03 Straight
04 Quack
05 Faithful Dog
06 By Your Side
07 Guitar ‘n’ Vegas
08 Life’s Escapade
09 Stroking the Moon
10 A Dream Within a Dream
11 Tea Time
12 Feed the Ground
13 Epiphany

Unfortunately I can’t give this one away!
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