Teacher Learner Culture

Teacher Learner Culture’s (TLC) mission strives to bring cultural enrichment, quality teaching, and tutoring to the underprivileged and disadvantaged of all ages.
TLC creates works of art, poetry, and music dedicated to equality and social justice.


Educational support provided to classroom teachers and parents by tutoring children in need of more instruction during class hours or online or their home. Tutoring to supplement classroom and homeschooling learning. All subjects, Children and Adult.


Tutoring in all academic subjects, music appreciation, performance, visual and conceptual art for all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Cultural enrichment in the form of scheduling musical appreciation and theater performance/lectures and visual, media and conceptual art shows, poetry reading, reading of children’s books for classrooms, music sing alongs of kids songs, commissioning works of art and music to support and promote composers and artists dedicated to bringing cultural events to underprivileged at low to no cost admission to events.